New tutorial on how to setup your own CentrEd server (Cedserver), for everybody who wants to build in Ultima Online.

  1. Download current cedserver version from:
  2. Place cedserver.exe file, which is inside of downloaded ZIP archive, in whatever folder you like. I just created new folder at drive  C:\. So my path to looks like this: C:\cedserver\cedserver.exe
  3. Into the folder, where you placed your cedserver.exe file, now place UO data files for map and static, which you want to modify, plus radarcol a tiledata files. You will find those files inside of your Ultima Online installation folder. So list of files:
    • map0.mul
    • radarcol.mul
    • staidx.mul
    • statics0.mul
    • tiledata.mul
  4. After that, your folder should look like on picture below. Then launch cedserver.exe (with doubleclick for example).

Then you should see black window of server console, asking for selecting port on which you want the server to listen on. If you dont have clue what is port and also dont have reason to choose different one, you can simply hit enter. Then default port 2597 will be used.


Few more prompts is asking for files we want to modify. Since we are smart and placed those files into same folder, where we have cedserver itself, we can just hit enter again.










Next two prompts asking for map dimensions. Since we are modifying Ultima Online Mondain’s Legacy, you can hit enter again and default size will be used




Now we going to create user account with administrator rights. Type in request username you want to use as admin user and hit enter.


Next prompt asking for password for this administrator account. Type in whatever password you want, just remember it! Password is not shown during typing, so type slow and carefully to avoid mistakes (you wont see them)!!!


After hitting enter again for last time and if you did everything correctly, you should see following informations. It means that cedserver is now running. On the same computer, where you cedserver is running, you can access it with CentrEd client on IP address and port of your choice. In our case it is port 2597.


If you get following window at last step, you can hit Allow. This will open port in you Windows Firewall and then, if you have public IP address and correctly forwarded ports on your router, you will be able to access you Cedserver from internet. Or someone else… 🙂


Immediately after finishing configuration, cedserver.XML configuration file will be created in cedserver folder. Next time you start you cedserver, configuration will be loaded from this file and you dont need to configure it again. If you need to remove configuration and start again, just remove this file.

How to setup CenterED client to connect to your cedserver will be explained in article (which will be after translation) linked below. I repeat, if server and client is running on the same computer, use IP and selected port (2579). Of course use the username and password entered during configuration.

Cedserver has to be running when you want to build something in CentrEd client.

If you want to connect to cedserver from the internet, make sure that no firewall is blocking connection and you have cedserver port forwarded to local IP address of the PC, where the server is running, at your router. Local IP address can look like, for example. More information about this you should get in user manual for your router or internet provider support. Or just ask your friend.

External IP address you can get on following site, for example.

Good luck!

  1. OK I’m blind or something, followed what the above said, And it worked except after I setup my name and a password it blinked and is gone. Also after my last stroke I find myself unable to speek,read, or write germen. is there a English CentrEd client ?

    • Hello, are we actually talking about server console window (on the screenshot above) has disappeared or about CentrEd client (screenshot at following article)?

      If you have issue with server, make sure you finished configuration, XML configuration file is created and server is running.
      If you have issue with client, try to remove file “CentrED.XML” at following location “C:\Users\[YOUR_WINDOWS_USER NAME]\AppData\Local\CentrED”

      Also make sure, that path for all files (cedserver, client, UO data files) does not contain spaces and/or some special characters. Thats why is good advise to have everything in “C:\somefolder” 🙂

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